Roary Tryouts 16'-17'


While prior mascot experience is not required, the ideal mascot performer is capable of enduring the high physical demands of being a collegiate mascot, all while maintaining the high level of energy and spirit the FIU community has come to expect from Roary Rage, FIU Sports' BIGGEST fan!


- 1-5 hours per week
- Must be available for all major sporting events, including football and basketball games.
- Primary training will take place May-August (dates are flexible).

Physical Requirement:

- Height 5'11'' - 6'2''

Though great performers come in all shapes and sizes, Roary looks his best with performers who have an athletic or slim build. All tryout applicants must be prepared to put on the mascot suit at any time during tryouts.

All performers must be able to store performance equipment, including suits and props, at their residence and transport all equipment via personal vehicle. Public transportation is not an option.


Day 1:

- Program outline
- Introduction of equipment
- Performer Expectations

Day 2:

Each applicant will come prepared with a 90-second skit demonstrating their abilities. The ideal skit will showcase both a performer's physical capabilities and entertainment skills. No props are permitted.There are many videos online of past Roary appearances and performances from which to draw inspiration. No group skits will be permitted, meaning each skit must be performed solo. Please bring any music you require on a CD. (Please test that the CD works beforehand, or you will be performing without music.)

Immediately following skits, each applicant will be tested on a random and unannounced set of scenarios common to mascot performance. This is designed to evaluate each performer's improvisational abilities.

Each applicant who passes the performance round will move on to the second round: interviews.
Interviews will be conducted out-of-suit.

Once all interviews are completed, final cuts will be made. Final rosters will be announced at the conclusion of tryouts.

*Additional cuts will be made during training, as needed, at which point standby applicants may be offered a spot on the roster.